• Eshop clutch bag
  • Eshop Pouch - White XL
  • Eshop Pouch - White XL
  • Eshop clutch bag
  • Eshop clutch bag
  • Eshop clutch bag
  • Eshop clutch bag
  • Eshop Pouch - White XL
  • Eshop clutch bag
  • Eshop Pouch - White XL
  • Eshop Pouch - White XL
  • Eshop clutch bag
  • Eshop clutch bag
  • Eshop clutch bag
  • Eshop clutch bag
  • Eshop Pouch - White XL

Eshop Pouch - White XL

Logo printed in 1 color, on front only. Plus d'infos
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    Dès votre achat réalisé, l’un de nos designers prendra contact par email dans les 12h pour réaliser la personnalisation de vos produits: logo, couleurs, textes.

    Aucune impression n’aura lieu avant la validation de votre projet.


    de cet emballage

    • Hauteur: 55
    • Profondeur: 55
    • Poids maximum: 8 Kg
    • Recycled: yes
    • Materials: 80-micron polyethylene
    • Closing: double adhesive tape
    • Size: XL

    de la personnalisation

    • Impression de logo en couleurs: no
    • Impression de logo en une seule couleur: yes
    • Logo printing in white: no
    • Logo printing in gold or silver: yes

    du colis

    • Range: 300

    Launching your online store? Congratulations!

    To succeed in this competitive niche, it's important to stand out from the crowd right from the start.

    In any business, the first physical contact you have with your customer is the one you remember. This first contact gives both a positive and a negative impression.

    This is especially true with online sales, as this first physical contact is also the only contact you make with your customer. It's your only chance to give your customers a flawless image of your company.

    As you can see, the packaging your customer receives on D-Day is crucial to the success of your online launch.

    But your online store has taken up a lot of your time, energy and budget...

    Fortunately, the CHRONOPACK.COM team has thought of you!

    How to use the pockets:

    The 70x55+10cm format is ideally suited to ready-to-wear or shoemakers.

    It can hold a large number of women's or men's items, such as jeans, blouses, sweaters, T-shirts, dresses, jackets, coats and large orders. You can also ship several pairs of shoes in these large-format shipping bags. Our customized shipping packaging is sturdy and reliable.

    Sleeve printing:

    We currently print your logo on the main side. The other side is reserved for your carrier's self-adhesive label.

    We print your logo, text, facebook logo, instagram logo, your phrase, your website address, in black, on a 30x25cm surface.

    Pouch resistance:

    Our pouches are made from 80-micron polyethylene, which is extremely strong and tear-resistant.

    The inside is matte black, to guarantee optimum discretion of the contents.

    The outside is matt white, further enhancing its resistance to soiling and shock during transport.


    Our pouch is the most ecological.

    To reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, we've opted for 100% recycled plastic.

    We extrude the recycled plastic, manufacture the bag and print in Belgium.

    Its double adhesive paste means it can be reused in the event of a customer return. Thanks to its strength, the polyethylene used is reusable and fully recyclable.

    If no specific collection is organized in your commune, you can drop off your bags at the nearest Reycparc. In this way, you give your bag a new lease of life, as new bags can be made from it.

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    600 €0.20 €120.60
    900 €0.26 €230.40
    1200 €0.32 €386.40
    1500 €0.38 €565.50
    1900 €0.44 €841.70