About Chronopack.

A Heritage of Quality and Innovation - Galand Emballages SA

Our history: Chronopack is a subsidiary of Galand Emballages SA, a Belgian company founded in 1978. Chronopack embodies the innovative spirit and expertise of a family business dedicated to excellence in packaging. Our creation stems from the vision of responding specifically to the varied and constantly evolving needs of the packaging market.

Our Mission: Our mission at Chronopack is to carry on the legacy of Galand Emballages SA by providing cutting-edge packaging solutions, while adapting to the unique requirements of each customer, from large corporations to small retailers.

Our Values :

- Innovation: We continually explore new techniques and technologies to offer the most advanced packaging solutions.

- Quality : We apply rigorous quality standards, inherited from Galand Emballages SA, to all our products and services.

- Sustainability: We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable business practices.

-Family spirit: Inspired by our family business culture, we value close relationships with our customers and employees.

Our Commitment to Small Business:

- Accessibility: We believe that every business, whatever its size, deserves personalized, quality packaging solutions. That's why we make our services accessible to small retailers, offering flexible and cost-effective solutions.

- Personalization: We offer a wide range of personalization options so that small retailers can stand out in the marketplace and reinforce their brand.

- Support: Our team is dedicated to providing personalized support to small retailers, guiding them through the design and production process to ensure their total satisfaction.

Our Commitment to Big Business:

Experience and Expertise since 1978: Since our founding in 1978, we have acquired in-depth expertise in supply management, logistics and customized services for large corporations. At Chronopack, we understand the unique challenges faced by large corporations and are equipped to respond effectively.

- Supply management: We offer comprehensive supply management solutions, ensuring that our customers always have the materials and resources they need for their operations.

- Logistics expertise: Our experience in logistics enables us to optimally manage distribution and delivery, ensuring an uninterrupted and efficient flow of products.

- Customized services: We pride ourselves on our ability to offer highly personalized services. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and develop tailor-made solutions that precisely meet their requirements.

Our commitment to large corporations is rooted in our history and expertise. We are determined to provide packaging solutions that not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our most demanding customers. At Chronopack, we are ready to take on complex challenges and offer innovative, effective solutions to support the success and growth of large companies.

Our Services: We offer a full range of packaging services, from custom design to quality production, tailored to a variety of needs and sectors. Whether you're a large corporation or a small retailer, we have the right packaging solution for you.

Our Global Commitment: As a subsidiary of Galand Emballages SA, Chronopack is committed to providing exceptional packaging solutions while actively supporting the growth and success of every customer, large or small. We are proud to contribute to the success of companies of all sizes through our innovative products and services.

Discover the Chronopack difference - where innovation, quality and customization come together to meet all your packaging needs.