• Boxes - white kraft
  • Boxes - white kraft

Box - white kraft L unprinted

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    Dès votre achat réalisé, l’un de nos designers prendra contact par email dans les 12h pour réaliser la personnalisation de vos produits: logo, couleurs, textes.

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    de cet emballage

    • Longueur: 33
    • Hauteur: 30
    • Profondeur: 8
    • Ecologie: recycled paper
    • Carton quality: E-flute 1.5mm
    • Couleur du carton extérieur : white kraft premium
    • couleur du carton intérieur: recycled white
    • Size: L

    du colis

    • Range: 100

    You're dreaming of a beautifully printed box to send your parcels, but you think it's out of reach because of your volume of shipments. Chronopack.com has thought of you! We offer you a collection of printable shipping boxes in small quantities and at low prices! A dream come true!

    Looking for a beautiful personalized box to wrap your gifts and/or products in style? Chronopack.com has developed a collection of personalized boxes just for you.

    Why is it important to have a beautiful box?

    For online sales

    To succeed in the competitive niche of online sales, it's important to stand out from the crowd right from the start.

    In any business, the first physical contact you have with your customer is the one that is remembered. This first contact gives both a positive and a negative impression.

    This is all the more true in online sales, as this first physical contact is also the one and only contact you will make with your customer. It's your only chance to give your customers an impeccable image of your business.

    As you can see, the packaging your customer receives on D-Day is crucial to the success of your online launch.

    But your online store has taken up a lot of your time, energy and budget...

    Fortunately, the CHRONOPACK.COM team has thought of you!

    For product sales

    You've been working for a long time on the launch of your new product. You've left no stone unturned! Now it's time to think about the finishing touches! "What can I wrap my nugget in?"

    It's hard to find beautiful boxes on the internet, let alone be able to customize them. And when you finally find one, you're in for a nasty surprise: it's super-expensive!

    Fortunately, the CHRONOPACK.COM team has thought of you and created its own boxes, printable from 100 pieces, at mini prices.

    How to use the boxes:

    The 33x30x8cm format is perfectly suited to the fashion and ready-to-wear sectors. We recommend this product if you're putting together product packs containing, for example, pants, a blouse, a sweater and an accessory. It's also great for shipping multiple items, or as gift packaging!

    For jackets or large orders, it's best to opt for the format above: 41.4x31.5x11.7cm.

    Box printing:

    We print your boxes in full color, either on:

    lid + front and back

    lid + right and left side (this configuration is not yet available on our online configurator. Please contact us by email).

    We print your logo, text, facebook logo, instagram logo, your phrase, your website address, in full color.

    Box resistance:

    Our boxes are made from 1.5mm-thick C-flute cardboard. It's not the thickest possible, but we opted for it because of its high-end finish and surprising rigidity. Given the limited size of our range of boxes (from 20cm to 41cm), it's not justified to use a thicker board. Should you nevertheless require a thicker cardboard (3mm, B-flute), please contact us by email (hello@chronopack.com). We'll be happy to accommodate your request.


    In order to limit our ecological footprint, we have opted for two qualities of cardboard:

    Brown Kraft 100% recycled

    50% recycled white kraft - 50% premium white kraft to ensure optimum print quality Our boxes are reusable and fully recyclable. If a collection service is not organized in your area, you can drop off your boxes at the nearest Reycparc. You give your box a new life. By recycling it, we can make new ones.

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